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  • Master Books One Race One Blood - Ken Ham and Charles Ware
  • Master Books One Race One Blood - Ken Ham and Charles Ware

One Race One Blood - Ken Ham and Charles Ware

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A revised and updated edition of Ken Ham's book that discusses the biblical answer to racism.

One Race One Blood reveals the origins of the horrors of discrimination, the biblical truth of "interracial" marriage, as well as the proof revealed in the Bible that God created only one race. Explore the science of genetics, melanin and skin tone, affected by the history of the Tower of Babel and the origin of people groups around the world.


Ethnic cleansing, genocide, "racial" conflicts have taken place from colonialism to Nazi Germany to modern day. We are a society, nation, and world in continued conflict. We are increasingly being identified and divided by designations or "racial" groups. Many of these unfortunate divisions have been fueled by the troublesome threads of "scientific" racism which emerged from Darwinian evolution.


Education can teach, workshops can inform, laws can protect, but what is the defining answer to ending the notion of "racial" division? Since racism is a heart issue - a sin issue - it is one only the truth of God's inerrant Word will overcome.


Within these compelling pages, Dr. A. Charles Ware, founder of Grace Relations, a ministry of the College of Biblical Studies, and Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis - US, examine the historical roots of racism that have permeated evolutionary thought, and the Bible's powerful response to this disturbing issue. Together they address the Christian worldview regarding "race" from a compassionate and uniquely compelling biblical and scientific perspective and reveal the most empowering answers to bridging "racial" divisions.

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